About Iris

My name is Iris and I am Italian. I was born from an Apulian mother and a Sicilian father, a nice mix of two splendid cultures of southern Italy! My husband and I moved to the wonderful and eclectic city of Stockholm in 2017. I do many different things, I am a curious and enthusiastic person who always likes to experiment with new projects and new challenges. I have many passions and cooking is one of them. I love cooking for my family, but also for friends! I believe that eating a good dish prepared with genuine ingredients and drinking a glass of Italian wine shared with friends is the secret to live happy moments! When I cook I use all my five senses and my heart. I always look for good and fresh products, avoiding any kind of dyes and preservative. “Food doesn’t lie” 😉 and people recognize something good and tasty than something not! I decided to start cooking not only for friends, but also for all those who are curious to try my products and taste a little bit of Italian cuisine also here in Sweden! This is how I started “Cucina del cuore”!